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Finley Construction, Inc has a track record of excellence and you can trust our team to respect your home. Whether we work while you're home or during the day while you away trust our team to respect your privacy and to act with professionalism. Our peace of mind approach will comfort you that the work will be done as promised and that you’ll get your money’s worth.


Our Promise

Transparency throughout the entire project is key to delivering on our promise to you. We look to build trust and strengthen relationships through a collaborative approach that involves you from our first meeting. Our early involvement in the construction process allows for greater savings and maximizes our use of time. Our promise is to you. See our General Contracting & Preconstruction Services page for more on how we can help transform your dreams into a living Reality!

The Kitchen Is The Heart Of Your Home

Owen Finley, President of Finley Construction Inc. has spent his whole life cooking and understands what it takes to design a kitchen around your specific activities. Functionality is the Key to a successful outcome of your new kitchen, and with our eye for detail and fine finish carpentry, rest assured you will be in awe with the kitchen of your dreams and enjoy using it for years to come. Owen Has completed many kitchens from a functional, multi cooking station kitchen, to the kitchen you are afraid to use because it is so beautiful, Finley Construction Inc. will make sure your budget is best allocated according to your daily kitchen activities and design dreams.

The Bathroom Is The Most Necessary Part Of Your Home

Owen Finley, President of Finley Construction Inc. is a husband and a father of two teens, so let’s just say the proficient use of bathroom space comes naturally to him in all applications. Let us help you maximize your use of space and improve the functionality of your bathroom with a fresh updated remodel of your dreams. Finley Construction Inc. has successfully completed countless bathroom remodels and we understand that functionality, comfort, and beauty are all key in the design and completion of a successful bathroom Remodel. With our eye for detail and a knack for creative solutions for both Him and Her, everyone will be able to enjoy their new bathroom for years to come, peacefully.

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Custom remodel at 435 Valerio St. Santa Barbara, by Finley Construction


435 Valerio St. Santa Barbara remodel by Finley Construction, INC


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We Embrace Change. Change For The Better

Our attention to detail,  master craftsmanship and our open line of communication with each and every customer have helped us flourish. We understand that our role is much greater than just simply putting up walls. Keeping you and your vision central to the construction process is absolutely key to a successful project. At Finley Construction we like to say that we’re a different kind of company.  We take our commitment to you very seriously and building better relationships through trust is our number one goal. If something is wrong, we guarantee we’ll make it right.