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We provide the highest level of Professional in-field supervision and construction administration. Rest assured that with our team, you will have peace of mind knowing your construction project is being cared for by a unified team with your best interest in mind.

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Our Team

At Finley Construction Inc, we are committed to hiring only the most experienced professionals who share in our commitment to quality. Our ability to manage the entire project while self-performing many of the tasks in-house gives us an edge over many of our competitors, and sets us apart in ways you will love.

Our Leading Edge

At Finley Construction Inc, we understand time is money, and the key to the successful start & completion of your project starts with us. In the Construction Industry, there are many steps that must happen in the right sequence to avoid costly delays or mistakes within each project. Through our years of successfully completing all types of construction projects, working with renown architects, engineers, and design professionals, our team has gained the knowledge and experience to diligently plan and execute the critical path of construction.

Our Process | The Procurement of Construction, and where to begin

There are different methods of procurement that can be applied to your Construction project based on the type of renovation, remodel, or new build you are planning. We provide services and competitive pricing for the 2 most common types of procurement methods, which both have their advantages specific to your project type and needs.

Traditional Procurement method:
Prior to the Contractor being involved, the Owner shares their vision with an Architect, designer, and consultants whom then prepare the plans and construction documents for the Contractor. Once the required plans and construction documents have been received by the Contractor, the Contractor can then provide a budget for construction, and ultimately build the project. For decades, this has been the most common approach taken throughout the industry when planning for a new home or a remodel. However, when budget is a concern, one complication that can arise from this method is that the construction costs could be more than what our clients have expected to pay, and the Architect, designers, and consultants must return to the drawing board after receiving the contractors bid to create a more affordable design and scope of work. This usually results in immediate budget complications, more time and money spent in the design process, additional fees, and ultimately, heartache.

Design-Build Procurement method:
At Finley Construction Inc, we want to make sure that every step from concept to completion is executed in a successful and realistic fashion. Involving your Contractor in the design process is the best way to maximize the design of your Project within your budget. We offer a strategic step by step pre-construction estimating service during the design process, working directly with the architect, designers, and consultants to ensure that your time and money does not go to waste. We have honed this process through years of successfully completing many construction projects, and transforming our clients dreams into a living reality.

Competitive Pricing: Whether you are already along the way in the traditional design process for your project or are just getting started and interested in learning more about our involvement in the design-build process, we at Finley Construction Inc. would love to learn more about your project and present to you how we will provide the most competitive pricing, for a product that ranks among the highest in our industry.

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We Embrace Change. Change For The Better

Our attention to detail,  master craftsmanship and our open line of communication with each and every customer have helped us flourish. We understand that our role is much greater than just simply putting up walls. Keeping you and your vision central to the construction process is absolutely key to a successful project. At Finley Construction we like to say that we’re a different kind of company.  We take our commitment to you very seriously and building better relationships through trust is our number one goal. If something is wrong, we guarantee we’ll make it right.